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2008 - 2009
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Actions on Middle East peace questions and answers

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A summary of the 219th General Assembly’s actions on Middle East peace issues:

What did the Assembly do?

The Genenal Assembly approved a comprehensive report on the Middle East — its first since 1997. The paper calls for:

The General Assembly also approved the report of the Mission Responsibility through Investment (MRTI) committee, which:

What does this mean?

Coming into the 219th General Assembly (2010), few thought that agreement on issues relating to the Middle East would be possible. Diverse perspectives divided Presbyterians from each other, and from the Jewish community. However, during the committee deliberations and again in the plenary session, through God’s grace, a place of broad consensus was found — common ground for continued peacemaking work in Israel/Palestine.

The General Assembly rejected immediate divestment from Caterpillar in favor of continued corporate engagement with Caterpillar and other companies profiting from the sale and use of their products for non-peaceful purposes and/or the violation of human rights.

What’s next?

A Monitoring Group for the Middle East will be formed to assist the appropriate General Assembly Mission Council offices and the Middle East staff team in monitoring progress and guiding actions to ensure adequate implementation of policy directions approved by this General Assembly. MRTI will continue to engage Caterpillar, and other companies, in relation to particular actions whereby the company profits from “non-peaceful action” of their products.


  • I would like clarification from the General Assembly on the op-ed in the Dec 3, 2010 Wall St Journal-p A19-that the Presbyterian Church USA supported the Kairos document.
    by Steve Nichols on 12/03/2010 p.m.31 11:14pm

  • How come my friend has Palestine on his birth certificate, issued in the early 40s ? I have stamps with Palestine on them . . . However, that is irrelevant really, the inhabitants of the land have aright to exist without occupation.
    by Susan Murphy on 09/14/2010 p.m.30 02:57pm

  • A secure state for the Israelis and a just and viable state for Palestinians would acknowlege we are all God's children. Jews, Muslims and Christians make up the Abrahamic tradition.
    by Janet L. Baker on 09/06/2010 p.m.30 02:10pm

  • The middleeastpeace site was taken down until GA information could be included in full.
    by Randy Hobson on 08/26/2010 p.m.31 02:33pm

  • where is the "find out more"
    by Tom Blanton on 08/16/2010 a.m.31 11:14am