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GAMC leaders to look at compensation for pastors and employees

Social Justice Committee promotes ‘neither poverty nor riches’

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photo of people voting

Elder Joel Davies and the Rev. Carolyn Poteet vote using handheld devices while in line at a microphone on the plenary floor. —Photo by Danny Bolin


The General Assembly Mission Council (GAMC) leadership will have to explore the compensation ratios for all six of its agencies by the 220th General Assembly (2012) after the Assembly voted 530-96 Thursday to approve the report, “Neither Poverty Nor Riches: Compensation, Equity, and the Unity of the Church.”

The GAMC will also need to review the report from the GA Advisory Committee on Churchwide Compensation from the 213th GA (2001) that states employees’ pay shall demonstrate unity with other church agencies of the PC(USA), including congregations, presbyteries, synods and national levels.

The national economic crisis prompted the approval of other business brought by the Committee on Social Justice Issues A: The Promotion of Social Righteousness, including:

The Assembly also approved five overtures that dealt with discrimination against women and children and domestic violence in the United States and along the border with Mexico.

In other business the Assembly approved: